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Bubble bags

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Bubble bags have proved to be one of today's most versatile packaging materials. Bubble bags are soft and flexible and yet display incredible tear resistance and offer a good alternative to feather-light mailing bags which are heavier and generally more expensive to send.

Bubble bags are made of transparent plastic polyethylene material and can be used to cushion or protect packed goods particularly when sent in the post. The bubbles in the plastic sheet are spaced regularly and the air-filled humps produce cushioning for valuable and delicate items. Some types of bubble-bags are also re-usable allowing the recipients of your parcels to resend their own items safely. And we all know that above all, bubble-bags are incredibly satisfying to pop!

Manufacturers of bubble bags include:

Eco friendly alternatives

Plastic and polythene packaging are often considered less green than their glass or paper-based alternatives. Plastic and polythene packaging are actually one of the greenest forms of packaging and helps cost-effectively expand shelf-lives and reduce wastage of food and other perishables. Did you know for instance that:

  • Plastic packaging has a very low carbon footprint compared to glass and paper requiring only a tiny fraction of the energy they need to produce
  • Polythene is significantly lighter than glass and paper and so results in significantly lower carbon emissions when transported
  • Plastic packaging can be recycled, cheapily and easily and requires less energy to do so than paper, card or glass

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Research and resources

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Proper use of protective packaging

When using protective packaging, there are a few "tips" for proper use:

First, when you are using bubble wrap as cushioning material, ensure you are using enough wrap to protect all sides and corners.

Make sure that there is at least two inches of bubble cushioning between your product and each wall of the box.

You also want to make sure to use enough wrap or other void fill material to eliminate movement of the packaged item when you shake the box. When you are done packaging your product, shake it. If you feel the product still moves, you need to add more packaging material

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